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Due to the pandemic effect this year, many organizations moved to “remote working” or “working from home”. The network protection, WIFI connectivity are much secure at the workplace environment than home environment. Though the antivirus solutions, mobile device management and other network firewall controls prevents your employees being attacked, not all organizations are equipped with end to end secured protected environment. The chances for attacks in this remote environment are quite likely in terms of phishing, spamming and the cost to deal the aftermath is much expensive than implementing the basic security controls.

Educating the users on security awareness and how to protect their working environment wherever they are, e-learning is the most safe and convenient way during these times.

The advantages are that the user can proceed on their own schedule and the curriculum provided by the Articulate360 curriculum development platform used by Quadron ensure the transfer of knowledge in an interesting, interactive form.

For Users

The package for users consists of 12 separate e-learning modules, for each module we provide a set of self-assessment questions to help measure the knowledge acquired.

Our e-learning trainings offer the following benefits:

  • Responsive format that adapts to the user's device (monitor, tablet, smartphone)
  • Diverse, modern, interactive training materials (non-ppt based)
  • We use the award-winning Articualte360 e-learning development platform
  • The learning materials can be integrated into your own E-learning (LMS) system (SCORM1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xApi (Tin Can), pdf, html)
  • Can be customized (company logo, colors, font etc.)
  • Learning can be interrupted and resumed at any time, progressing at your own pace
  • We do not teach regulations, we raise awareness
  • Progress indicator in all learning materials
  • Online exam
  • Don't have your own e-learning system? Use the Quadron eLearning Center!

Our e-learning materials are also available for several target groups.

Recommended learning materials for users: 

  1. Phishing, the perfect scam
  2. Protection of personal data from the user's point of view
  3. Authentication - password selection and management
  4. Dangers of social media
  5. Android - Security issues for mobile devices and mobile applications
  6. iOS - iPhone Security issues for mobile devices and mobile applications
  7. Social Engineering - Attacks based on deception
  8. Out of Office Security - Travel Information Security Issues
  9. Telework smartly, efficiently, safely
  10. Security of electronic banking services
  11. Secure credit card use, credit card fraud and fraudulent online stores
  12. Get your child back! Catching and protecting children in cyberspace

We have organized our user curricula (supplemented with senior management curriculum) into packages to serve customer needs more efficiently and quickly.





1. Phishing, the perfect scam
2. Data protection from the user's perspective
3. The safe, smooth and smart home office
4. iOS - iPhone, security of mobile devices and apps
5. Android - security of mobile devices and apps
6. Dangers of social media
7. Social Engineering - Information security attacks based on deception
8. Basic security guidelines for executive
9. Out-of-office security - travel information security issues
10. Authentication - password management
11. Security of electronic banking services
12. Secure credit card using and credit card frauds, fraudulent web stores
13. Get your child back! Catching and protecting children in cyberspace

For Senior Executives

For senior executives, we offer a separate, comprehensive curriculum that introduces the basics of information security and security areas specific to organizations, and in addition to the above, specifically addresses threats to senior executives (whaling, extortion viruses, password theft, assistant threats, etc.). 

Recommended curriculum for senior executives: 1. Basic safety information for senior management

Upgrade your Information Security Officers and CISO’s skillsets

Organizations have high potential candidates who has good knowledge in IT or in their industry but necessarily not an expert in the areas of IT Security or Information Security. These candidates are given opportunities to take up the role as a CISO, we exactly have a comprehensive 2 – 3 days, “Catch up” or “Get to Speed” training.

Training that super-intensively prepares the colleague or colleagues to fill this position.

Recommended Curriculum: How to Become a CISO? (Parts 1-2)

Don't have own e-learning system?

Use the solution of Quadron! The Quadron Moodle-based eLearning Center makes all the e-learning packages and training materials available to your colleagues, regardless of number of users, along with examinations and reporting. Ask for our offer!

Our Classroom/online Lessons

Education is one, if not the most, cost-effective security measure that organizations can take to reduce the damage and risks caused by information security incidents. It is a matter of the utmost importance for executives to protect their confidential information, since data is the most valuable asset in this sector.

Education develops a general security awareness that will enable participants to apply and adopt the organization's own security rules more effectively.

General IT Security Awareness Training

  • Data and information for protection at home and in the workplace
  • Viruses, Trojan horses, and threats to current users (especially blackmail viruses)
  • GDPR, Theory and Practice for the New Privacy Regulation
  • Secure password management and password selection
  • Dangers of social networking sites, basic security settings
  • Smartphones, the dangers and threats
  • Cybercrime and phishing, current Internet threats
  • Credit card fraud, secure card use (POS, ATM, Internet)
  • Security rules (sending emails, internet access, authorization management, remote access, computer usage, backup)
  • Prevent, detect and deal with cyberbullying
  • Physical protection at home
  • Darkweb, the dark side of the Internet

Management IT Security Awareness Training

Our training designed for senior management, incorporates elements of our general education however emphasizes “lead by example” of management in creating a culture of IT security awareness

IT Security Awareness Training for Children

To address specific issues, especially those related to the presence of children on the Internet, with an interactive and easy-to-follow topic guide to capture and maintain young people's attention

The duration of the training is 2 hours, which is typically provided by CISM, CRISC, IT Security Specialist Ákos Solymos (or one of our senior systems engineering colleagues in technology training). Ákos is one of the Hungarian specialists in security awareness, and his education as a teacher makes him perfectly capable of transferring his over 20 years of experience in the IT Security profession in an understandable, eye-catching way.

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