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Peter Gulyas

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Gulyas is the Chief Executive Officer of Quadron Cybersecurity International. Since the beginning of 2014, Peter has led Quadron into the Global Cybersecurity Business arena. With the help of personally selected talent pool of Quadronauts, his vision is to grow organically and inorganically, by being the best in class, serving the customers to protect their assests and face the cyber challenges that exists and are yet to come.

Peter is a dedicated true global leader with empathy towards his people and a core practitioner of lean management, the operating model of the company. He is strongly committed to the Vision, Mission, Strategy and Core Values of the company. His focus on in-organic growth is as strong as his mission to expand to other parts of the globe.

Peter brings 20 years of diverse international experience to his current role and he is a lifelong learner. He earned his first EMBA from CEU and his second Global EMBA from WU Executive Academy and Carlson School of Management in Minnesota. Peter and his wife live in Budapest and have 2 children.

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Nandhini Duraisamy

Chief Operations Officer

Nandhini Duraisamy is the Director of Operational Excellence at Quadron since June 2020. Nandhini has been in the Information Technology for the past 23 years and had been with multinational industries traveling across various countries. Nandhini has commanding experience in Infrastructure, Risk and Audit, Project Management, Pre-sales and IT Strategy. Nandhini have been the IT Security and Governance lead for Anheuser-Busch leading the European region to implement security for their beverage business. Nandhini also was heading the CSIRT for the GE business all over the world in European time zone following the sun model.

Nandhini have been exposed to various cultures and have gained versatile experience in working with complex matrix organisations.

Before joining Quadron, Nandhini have done more than a dozen due diligences and integration of Healthcare diagnostic imaging companies during her tenure in Affidea.

Nandhini earned her Master’s in Computer Applications from India and her second Masters from Central European University in IT Management. Nandhini and her husband live in Budapest with their 2 daughters.

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Attila Gyalog

Chief Sales Officer

Attila Gyalog has earned his degree in Msc in International Economic Relations at Corvinus University in Budapest, his BA degree in the Budapest College for Economics, but also studied in the United States. 

Began his professional career in 1998, at the time of the liberasition of the Hungarian Telecommunication market at KPN’s affiliate PanTel in the sales area. His roles in PanTel were leading the international, industry and commercial sales segments. After the company merged with Invitel (Invitech) in 2008, he was in charge for leading the finance, international and later for the data center sales teams. From 2012 he has been the B2B Sales Director at UPC Hungary (Liberty Global), where he has also been responsible for building, operating and establish dynamically growing sales channels for small, medium and large companies.

Fluent in English, in his spare time enjoys sailing, skiing, and is the father of two children. In his current position since 2017, he is responsible for the domestic and international sales activities of Quadron’s security service portfolio, as well as for the coordination of marketing tasks.

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Balazs Szekeres

Chief Technology Officer

Balazs graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics with a degree in Banking Informatics.

He began his career as a senior consultant at Ernst and Young. He then worked at, among other organizations, the National Network Security Center, where he worked as a technical director for the creation and successful operation of an internationally embedded and recognized cybersecurity center (CERT-Hungary), his proudest project to date. He continued his career as an IT Security Director at NISZ (National Infocommunication Services Ltd.) and later as head of information security at Erste Bank, managing a team of nearly 20 people for information and cyber security at the company.

In addition to leading the engineering team and further developing the technology strategy, Balazs will be responsible for developing area-related services such as vulnerability testing, QSOC and QSOS services, as well as product and company demo centers at Quadron.

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Ákos Solymos

Head of Education and Senior Researcher

Ákos Solymos graduated from the Faculty of Teaching and Kindergarten Training of the Eötvös Loránd University in 2000 as a teacher of computer literacy.

He worked as an IT security consultant in the early 2000s, and in 2005 he joined the information security team of one of Hungary's major banks. He also led this team for several years, responsible for protecting the information of the bank and its subsidiaries. During his nearly ten years in the bank, he has gained considerable experience and has several successful international professional exams and certifications (CISM, CRISC).

In the middle of 2015, he joined Quadron Cybersecurity Services, where leads the education and research and development business. In the last two years, he participated as a co-author in the creation of the textbook of the János Neumann Computer Science Society (NJSZT) entitled IT Security in a Comprehensible way, and contributed professional materials to the National University of Public Administration's Electronic Information Security senior training knowledge. Ákos is the author of the book "Frici, Fülöp and hackers" The book helps children and parents understand the dangers and threats of cyberspace.

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